Wednesday, March 12, 2014

And we danced, And we Cried, And we laughed, And had a really really really good time

March 5:
My moms birthday. I had sent her flowers, which then couldn't be delivered. Then I ordered same day flowers, which were delivered. So she had two days of flowers which is good I suppose, but it caused a lot of anxiety and phone calls on my end. I was also slapped with a 400 dollar bill. I did not rack up this 400 dollars of electricity in an apartment I no longer lived in, but the power bill was in my name, so my credit is effected and my money is gone. So I was having a bad day.

But then, BUT THEN!

I went on a date, which was great. Good food, good conversation, cute boy ;) 
Also, there is a second date planned :) 
But the best part of the day was yet to come.

I had agreed to go to a dance thing with my roommate. She is not a dancer or a musical theater person. She takes this swing dance class. So I said "Yeah I'll go!" SIDE NOTE, if you know me well, you know that this is not something I would normally do. Venturing into a world where several different people would touch me, hold me close, probably sweat on me... yuck. But I've been trying to do things I normally wouldn't feel comfortable doing. Experience the great wide world. (Also now as I type this... the stakes are much lower... I might have over reacted about the flowers not being able to be delivered...) So after my date I met up with my roommate and we headed to the dance class.

If I could let you see this dance class I would. But I can't. The best I can do is google pics and find ones that are similar if not, the same humans that I experienced in the dance class. 

The old man with longer, thicker, dreadier hair than mine.
He was a good dancer, we didn't talk much but he say 
"Yeah, no you got it!" as if quoting a line from a movie

Facial hair guy. 
Not cute facial hair.
Just a great mustache.

Obviously this guy showed up.
I get comb overs ok; my dad had one up until about five years ago.
We danced, he got his sweat all over my hands and that was that. 
He also came up to me as I was leaving and earnestly asked "Oh are you leaving? I was hoping to get your number. If not, I'll get it at the next dance class."
To which I said ".....yes. I'm sure I'll see you again."

And this man.
The old science professor who looked like he could run a marathon at any moment.
He couldn't find a beat to save his life, but he was the most fun.
We chatted, he lead me around the dance floor, while telling me about science and his wife.

Just to be clear, these men were all so nice, I would have totally danced with them again. I even hope to. (Except sweaty man... keep your sweat away from me) I guess I just have been so enveloped in my own circle of humans that I forgot about all the fantastic kinds of people there are. These men all had totally different stories than the ones I am used to hearing. Reasons other than performing brought them to New York. I see hundreds of people everyday but, I was able to hear the stories of a few of these people and I was so delighted about it. I am looking forward to my next class :)

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