Friday, February 21, 2014

Bright lights in the big city

New York City.
That is where I am living for the moment.
I've been here since Jan 8th 2014. So its been about a month and a half. Its been a fantastic month and a half, its also been full of self doubt, coffee, early mornings, late nights, uncomfortable moments, friends.

It is a strange place to be. I've loved the movie "crash" since the first time I saw it, but I could never fully appreciate the title until living here. People crash into each other without a thought, I spend most of my days pressed up against people in the subway, at auditions, passing the hundreds of people on the street. But the lack of human contact is astonishing. I'm not one for human contact, no one would ever describe me as a "hugger". But what's strange is, because of all the crashing into people in this city, I'm finding myself longing for a real connection. To crash into someone on purpose.

I've been reunited with my best friends. I've had many great people in my life but there have always been these three, and I know there always will be. They have introduced me to some other fantastic humans while being here, some who have already left the city. I'm loving the memories we have been making, and the support we share with each other.

As for auditioning, its slow for now. I knew that it would be. I came in January so I could adjust to life here, not knowing that it would take me a matter of days to feel like this city was a part of me. I'm looking forward to March and April, when I can go from audition to audition. Until then, you can find me seeing a show, at the gym, living in a glamour tent etc, etc.

BRIDGES OF MADISON COUNTY! I saw this show opening day (My roommate plays Kelly O'Hara's daughter) and I was blown away. The music is amazing, the kind of music you can't stop singing when you leave the theater. And the work of the actors is magic. I sat in the theater crying and crying, thinking "This is why people do musical theater". The combination of so many different art forms onstage, is... I wish I had a more expressive word, but its magic. I feel so humbled to have seen such great actors but their heart into such a great piece of work. Go listen to it!