Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Don't need nothing but a good time!

ONE YEAR. I have one year left until I graduate college! It may have taken me 11 semesters ( 5 full years of school and one extra semester.) but I can't say how happy am I that I stuck through it! I took a year off after leaving BYU and it was really a good choice. Because I was able to figure out how important school is to me, and because of that time away I really learned that having a degree is important to me. Also I'm very happy I went to BYU and then the U, I got to see so many different views on life and theater. I wouldn't trade my experience these last few years for anything!

I've learned that I am more driven than I thought I was. When I focus on something I don't stop until I finish it. That being said, when I focus... I focus hard and can't really focus on anything else. So this summer I am going to try and let loose and have fun! I get so focused on doing school and doing shows that I spend little time doing the other things I love.

I also decided to stop auditioning for things... I'm going to try and do a show at the U next year, but come my final semester I have promised myself that I WILL NOT do a show... as hard as that will be for me :(

READING. I have this obsession with going to D.I. and picking up four new books at a time, because I mean COME ON THEY ARE .75 CENTS!!!! I have read 4 books in the last month... So maybe my summer will be concerts, reading and seeing free movies. I couldn't be more excited though. Its my last summer in Utah and my last bit of free time before I focus back on school and just school.

If anyone still reads my blog I hope you are having a fantastic day. It is very sunny and I'm happy!