Sunday, July 22, 2012

I threw a wish in the well, Don't ask me I'll never tell

Only the important things:
I adore my Seven Brides cast
I saw my best friends this weekend and it made me so happy
I feel incredibly blessed/lucky to have met such great people this summer
Gma is the most fantastic woman
I am the luckiest :)
I feel like everyone likes a picture blog in comparison to a paragraphs and paragraphs of words blog so these should give you an idea as to what my summer is shaping up to be!

Exercising this everyday

The most beautiful cast I've ever been a part of!

Bestie on the 4th

Family BBQ!

I think this is beautiful! Working on making these my own words.

Still loving Mumford in the summer months


:) I do, I do, I do.

Summer Motto (well one of the many)

Waking up like this everyday.
Only mine says "Wake up beautiful girl! You get to live the life you've dreamed of!"

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  1. Thank you for sharing my poster :)