Wednesday, March 7, 2012

I'm home, when you're here with me

I cannot express how joyful I have been lately.
I had such a fantastic weekend, I surprised my mom for her birthday and we went to lunch with Gma :) And then we had a fantastic sleep over with junk food, movies and great chats. Something I am so grateful for is how my relationship with her has grown. I'm not sure what changed, but we can talk about pretty much anything and I don't feel judged, or like I need to filter my words and thoughts. And we can have different opinions on something and still respect the others view.

I am blessed with amazing friends, who I adore and who just make me feel so great. They are so kind, funny, talented. I look up to them, I'm sure they have no idea, but when I'm around them I can't help but think "oh I hope I can be like that, I'm going to work to develop that." Its the first time I've had people who don't shit talk behind peoples back, who are just kind and generous.

I've been grateful for my father this week. I had to ask him for help with money (more help than he already gives me). I was crying and saying "I'm so sorry I have to ask for this, I know its not fair for me to ask for money." I explained that 21 credits and TWO musicals was so much harder than I was expecting and how I just got a job because I knew I needed to help with money, but that I was just so run down and overwhelmed. He calmly replied "I'll transfer the money right now, don't cry its going to be okay. In the future, pay your parking tickets on time."

And my heart has such a special place for Ben Roeling! I have learned a lot from him, and our friendship hasn't always been good. I've been forced to step outside my box and see things from a totally different place during our friendship. But I'm thankful for all we've experienced because now we are here! Best mexi-friends. :)

God has blessed my life so greatly.

I feel like my blog has been very "I'm so happy, life is great, blah blah positive positive" And I am aware that can be a little annoying, or can be seen as fake. However, I really just feel good. Maybe I'm just actually aware of the blessings that were always here. Maybe I'm really into the power of positive thinking. No matter how I got here, I am happy I'm here. I cry, I feel sad, I get in bad moods, but at the end of the day I'm always happy with my life.

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