Saturday, March 17, 2012

If I can make it here, I'll make it anywhere

Just a super fast update while I'm getting into bed after a great day in NYC.
I was born to be here.
I have always been a city girl, and New York feels like home.
When you know, you know. And I know!
Today was fantastic. Because I was able to audition for a few things
I got to learn from Broadway choreographers and directors. 
And I was lucky enough to receive personal, one on one, positive feedback!
Two directors today spoke to me about how much they appreciated and liked my auditions,
They both said I did a really great job. 
We talked about my training, my plans and just about life. 
It was so cool to get such a good reaction from Broadway Directors.
I mean I never thought I'd get to have personal talks with these directors in my first two 
New York auditions. Even if nothing comes of it, It was really cool and humbling for me.
And the choreographer for Mama Mia! Wow she is incredible. 
We had a special moment today at the dance call, small, but it was so cool! 
Who knows how many special moments she had that day, but for me,
It was the first one on one choreographer feedback I'd gotten from a Broadway Choreographer. 
I'm just kinda in love with this place.
In love with what I do.
There are so many incredibly talented people here. 
They are kind, and busting with talent and joy.
Basically I'm feeling like a kid in a candy store because I get to learn from these 

XOXO! Have a happy day :) 

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