Wednesday, March 7, 2012

I have a love, and its all that I have

I'm going to New York in a week :) To audition for the Tour of West Side Story!
West side is my all time favorite musical and it is the perfect show for me.
I was lucky enough to play Maria a few years ago and my life was changed by playing that role,
I would love to be a part of the show again, in any form. Of course my audition is specifically for Maria though.
I'll be in NYC for eight days, and I plan on auditioning for as many things as possible!
Somethings just fall right into place ya know?
I've just felt like this last year has been my year. My year to learn, to grow, to be happy, to audition, perform, sing, dance, act, love. And this feels like the cherry on top! I get to go to New York and sing songs from my favorite musical. Perfect. 
AND a little birdie has said IN THE HEIGHTS will be coming to PTC next season :)
Also perfection. I've become obsessed with this show, it is all I have been listening to lately! 
I love musical theater. To much to put into words.

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