Sunday, February 12, 2012

Come what may, oh come what may, I will love you

This week is Valentine's day. I know I will not have time this week to post anything,
but being the believer that I am, a believer in love, I wanted to post something all about LOVE!
I believe in celebrating love. Because if there is anything worth celebrating, its love. 

Being short means I'm always up on my toes. :)

I love The Notebook!!

Grey's Anatomy 

I love so many things, I am lucky enough to have been madly in love, and to currently be in a passionate love affair with my life. I know Valentine's day is supposed to be about being in love and all that, but I'm in love with creating and with living and with theater, music, dance. So I get to celebrate my love of those things on this Valentines day. I get to create music, love, art, dance, passion, joy everyday and I love that. I have so many people in my life who I love and who love me. I know what true love feels like and what it can be. Settling for anything less than magical, passionate, extraordinary love, is unacceptable to me. Ordinary has no place in my life. Not in love, not it work, not ever. 

I am filling my life with love. Have a fantastic Valentines day. 
Love deeply, love honestly. 

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