Tuesday, November 15, 2011

There will come a time, you'll see

Who knew I could learn SO MUCH in one weekend?! 
Ya know when you find  "the perfect" pair of jeans (i pick jeans because i don't like them much so when I find a perfect pair its pretty amazing). Anyway they are the perfect color, have just the right amount of flair at the bottom, the back pockets sit at just the right spot, AND they are on sale for way less than they are worth. So you go and you put them on and... something just isn't right... I mean they are PERFECT, but they just don't sit right. Something isn't working. So the stars and moon fall from the sky and you have to decide... do I buy them anyway because they are perfect? Or do I put them back because now that I've tried them on I know that perfect as they may be, they just aren't right at this moment. 
So the reason for that analogy is because that just happened in my life. And I believe it happened for both parties involved. It was great, the perfect timing, it was super easy, fun, there was just one hang up... and when it came to the point where we either needed to jump in or walk away... we couldn't jump. Everything happens for a reason. I feel so so lucky to have experienced what I did, because there couldn't have been anything more perfect. It was PERFECT for me. I know I keep using that word but I believe in it. I believe that in this world where most everything is a wreck, there are perfect moments, perfect memories made. And how lucky am I that I got to have those perfect moments? And that I got to have such an incredible person to learn from. I'm not sure how I go so lucky. I'm just thankful I am. Someone said "don't you wish you had met later in life?" and my answer is... no. Because I needed this NOW. I needed to experience what I did, when I did. And because I hope I get to keep this person in my life. 

Now its time for me to practice my music. Again, how lucky am I! 
Up coming auditions:
Wild Party
Sound of Music
9 to 5

"And though she be but little, she is fierce." - William Shakespeare 

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