Wednesday, November 30, 2011

All I need is room to fight Hand in fisted glove. Point me to the sky, It's my turn to fly.

I've decided that all the passion I have is for these purposes: (and when I can actually do all these FULL TIME perhaps my passion will not blind my view at times)
My passion is for:
1. Love. (myself, others, animals etc)
2. Music. (Create it, perform it)
2. Dance. (Choreograph, perform)
3. Acting.
4. Performing.
5. Living.

I really believe there is a reason I am so passionate. There are times I wish I didn't feel it the way I do, but I can't help it. I want what I want and I want to get it myself. If others want to aid it that, fantastic. If not please don't think I can't get it on my own. Because I will. If I was supposed to be less passionate about my life, my music, my art, well, then I would be. No one gets to tell me I should feel less. That I should not care so much about my art. I CARE. I care if I can or cannot belt a G, F is not enough. I care if I can hit a triple turn always a double is not enough. I care if I am a connected vulnerable actress. You sir do not get to tell me to care less about it.

I very much feel this song right now Life of the Party, click the link and read :)

ALSO. I have had a FANTASTIC week. The best week in a while. I have amazing friends who make me laugh so so much, and who get it. They just get it. And I spent some wonderful time with my family. I have felt very good. Good is a great way to feel. Haha future blog post coming about that I'm sure :)

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