Monday, October 24, 2011

I'm better near to you

Last week, well mostly the end part of it was like this => as;ldkfja;lskdhgvoainvq;ewrfn;alksdhfoqeinvgaekljfna;sdifh;qowiefnaklsdjnfvnqoiweuhf.

-20 hours in a car
-Being so sick I passed out (ok well I didn't go totally black, but I did fall to the ground in pain... maybe I did pass out... whatever)
-Doing a dance show THAT NIGHT (This was so sad because I have wanted to do this Halloween show for SO LONG... then I was awfully sick, sad face.)
-Blowing a tire on the freeway
-Doing two shows on sat while still being sick
-Feeling awful, looking awful, being awful
-Ben asked me "How long do you go without thinking about HIM." I said "You know that song we just listened to? When it was finished I thought 'I didn't think about him once during that song.' thats about how long." Then I explained that in reality I've gone many hours, I mean do I think about it at least once a day. But he and I then talked about how it isn't always a sad, or I miss you thought. But like going through Vegas we both thought "Oh I was here with HIM once."(He thought about his HIM and me mine) Or "Oh HE drives that same car." Not a bad thought, not a good thought... just a thought.

But luckily that was but a small weekend! Today I feel like this => :D
-I feel so much better!
-I am seeing a movie with a cute boy tonight
-I was able to see my friends at school today
-My mother took such great care of me yesterday :)
-I have leftover homemade chicken noodle soup!
-I worked on a video for my Grandma's 90th birthday and saw so many pictures of her life and of my mom as a little kid
-Group MTP text messaging
-Its sunny but cool enough for a light jacket :)
-I'm the luckiest girl in the world
-The mood swings of sickness are GONE!
-I was able to spend sometime outside of Utah and made some really great connections
-I get to dance the the Darlings again this Friday!! :)

Side note: I LOVE Jen Tarasevich. She has provided so many chances for me to perform in this last year, dancing or singing. Not only that, but she is a FANTASTIC person. I love working with her and hope to continue working with her for a long time.

Also for any new readers, or newer: Every title is the lyric to a song, and its always a song that relates somehow to the post. Not always directly, but it'll be something that I'm feeling, that maybe I didn't feel I could put directly into the post. Some lyrics are my own, most aren't.

Happy day!!

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