Friday, September 23, 2011

I feel like the girl I thought I'd never find

I had never heard of Katie Thompson until last night... and I am OBSESSED! I love the fullness of her voice, her emotion. Ugh she is SO TALENTED!!! A lot of broadway singers right now are so.... light or bright or... lacking supstance. Even Natalie Weiss (who I am a fan of) doesn't have this kind of substance. It is so refreshing to hear. LOVE HER. 

Its been a really good week. REALLY GOOD. I spent time with my amazing friends, did lots of homework, aced a few tests, ;), felt happy, felt giddy, laughed, smiled, sang, danced... in school and in my room, I just was LIVING! And I'm dance captain for my cast at Hale! I mean its not a huge deal, but lets be honest I'm excited about it! I LOVE the choreographer so I think I'm excited because she picked me! Haha I am silly I know :) 

I've made lots of realizations this week. No need to go into them because all that is important is this: I am happy almost always. I feel the things I need to. I HAVE HOPE. I know I can do everything I want to do. I get to do it. Maybe my path has been and will be different than what I had planned or wanted, but that doesn't mean it can be beautiful. 

(as performed by Katie Thompson)
Isn't this, you know, kind of crazy?
A part of me finds it hard to believe.
Two adults, no yelling, no blaming:
For everything that came between

You look good, and I hear you're quite successful.
I always knew you would be.
Your children look just like you
and your wife is quite beautiful and ... Oh, me?

Well, I met a guy from St. Louis.
Kind of came out nowhere, but he's nice.
I was on tour and he asked me out after one show and
I thought maybe I should give it a try.

And suddenly I felt like a girl in college once again
Similar to the feelings I'd get with you.
The butterflies inside, the constant tongue ties, and
I thought, maybe this could be good...

And now 
With him I just fall again.
With him,
With him I just feel again.
With him
I come alive.
I feel like the girl
I thought I'd never find.
With him I just love again

I used to believe
That we'd be together for eternity.
It was hard to see
That future wasn't for you and me.

Remember when we laid in the park to soak up the sun and
How scared you were of all the pigeons?
You were convinced they were on a mission to chase you out 
And as we kissed, I think one pooped in your hair.

I'm sorry, I don't mean to get nostalgic and all, but
Look, there are things I want to know.
Like - how did you and your wife meet? 
and - did you end up proposing on a beach?
I know that's how you wanted ours to go.

To tell you the truth
Being here with you is so strange.
As you sip your coffee I feel my heart rearrange.
I'm afraid ... so afraid. 
You smile, and you laugh, and you still give me hope.
The what ifs and could beens, what we'll never know.
I wish I was stronger, I'm sorry...
I need to go

Cause with you
I just fall again
With you I just ...
With you, I just feel again
With you
I come alive
I feel like the girl I used to like.
With you I just ... 
With him I must ...
With you I just love again.

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