Thursday, July 7, 2011

We are Gods of stories, but please tell me what there's to complain about

I haven't blogged in a while! Haha well maybe it hasn't been that long, but long for me :)
Lots has been happening. Lots.

I have a full time job now! Which I am loving. I work with some amazing girls who are smart, beautiful, sweet and so funny. I'm having fun connecting with them and making new friends. Also whats great about this job is that I can save up money for moving to LA! But my dad just propositioned me with this offer "If you stay and finish school this year, I'll pay and help you out when you move to LA." WOW. That is huge.
I spoke to a dear....friend.... about this and they said I could use this year to finish school and start building my film resume in Utah. Considering how much film work is done here it would be easy to build my resume and to live cheaper while getting great training. So I feel like I'm going to do that. Stay here and finish up while also building up my film resume.

Gypsy opens tonight! Well its a "preview" but we have an audience and all. I have really liked getting to work with the cast. We have some really amazing and talented people. I find myself watching people in awe while they are on stage, like if I stare hard enough I'll soak up some of their talent. Haha here's hoping! :)

My heart is trying something new. I am reserving special places for special people who decide that its worth the effort to be in my heart. Who deserve to be there. This doesn't mean I don't speak to, or am not friends with people. I just understand the levels of friendship or more correctly the levels of relationships I have with people. Every relationship is different and that's ok. Its also ok that I feel what I feel and act accordingly. So if someone doesn't take the time to make a connection with me or build a real relationship and friendship that's ok, but they don't get a piece of me to take with them. I guess I've learned when to fully invest into a relationship and when to see that being fully invested a) will only work when both parties are b)could end up hurting more than helping c)just isn't worth it anymore. I've made this change because when I care, I care deeply. When I love I love deeply. I am passionate and I need to take responsibly for that passion and not dish it out and use it on anyone who walks into my life. And especially those who walk in and decide to walk out.

I also see that I have a serious problem with Time management. Ok maybe problem isn't the word.... uh lets just say I am not great at it. It is not a skill I have fully developed. Why I didn't get that from my mom I'll never know, she is a champion at it. So pretty much I always say yes to everything, think I'll be ok and then end up being awake for 18 or 19 hours and sleeping for 5. Not a winning combo. So I'll be email my mom right now to ask for a list of good ways to manage my time!

Last thought before I leave:

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