Sunday, July 10, 2011

So strong, just the way I'm supposed to be

Its to late for me to write a full complete entry, so I shall just jump around talking about what is in my head.

1. I WILL have an organized clean house by wednesday. I can't take it anymore!

2. I'm so content with life right now. I sometimes don't like using that word, but it fits. Things aren't perfect and I'm still working out somethings but I so enjoy where I am and what's going on for me.

3. I have a new found faith in the phrase "all things happen for a reason", but also in "things DONT happen for a reason."

4. Nothing is "bad". Saying that is a bit hard because clearly things like murder and wrong. But what I mean is that typically in my life things aren't actually "bad". They teach me something, I get to experience something new and then go on to a new experience. All things can be good if I make them so.

5. I can see a day when I could trust again. I am not there, but for a while I thought I'd never trust anyone deeply and fully again. But its coming. I can feel myself opening up to people who belong in my life. And I can feel that someday... hopefully sooner than later, trust will return to my life.

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