Friday, July 15, 2011

Everything's coming up Roses for me and for YOU!

Things have been rocking lately. I was cast in this show:
And let me just say I am THRILLED! I was a little nervous because...well because often I buy into the words people say, words like "blacklisted". Turns out I should and get to have more faith in things other than words. When I go forward believing the Universe will provide things I want and would learn from, I am able to see past and get past blockades that I myself allowed to be built. And I am excited to work with this theater, and with a different type of "theater" crowd. I think it will be so good for me :)

I'm heading into the second weekend of performances for this show:
What a joy this has been! A struggle sometimes yes, but even with the long long hours and at times frustrations I've felt, I am happy to be working with some amazingly talented people. I truly love everyone involved in the show. I get to be around people who push me and make me think twice, who share their talents freely and who are just all around beautiful people. 

I was also asked to be a part of a new show, a show that I am seriously excited for. I'm not sure how much I'm allowed to say about it... so stay tuned for more info but lets just say it's going to be packed full of dancing, singing, hot costumes, beautiful women and lots of positive energy :) A show which hopefully will take me around the world! Because if anyone can make that happen, the beautiful director of this show can!

I saw Harry Potter last night!
And contrary to what this poster says, it does not all end and it didn't all end. Harry Potter will live on forever! Haha maybe I sound silly, but I feel like I grew up with Harry and the gang. I loved the books and always got them the day the came out, I would even go to the midnight release party for the books and movies. So Yes I am sad that we don't get to learn more about Harry and wont have full books, we got 7 books filled with his story! And movies! So how lucky that I can relive that anytime I want!

Happy day to all :)

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