Sunday, June 26, 2011

There's a saying old says that love is blind...

I am obsessed at the moment with "". Everytime I read it I laugh and cry. Literally.

It's got me thinking what I would say to younger Jessica. I'd say a lot... Like always. Probably I'd say "I'd tell you not to love to deeply but your heart will anyway. I'd tell you to follow your heart, but you have been. I'd tell you to be happy above all else, but your trying to be. And I'd tell you to follow your dreams, but you have a lifetime to do that. Love yourself. Love who you love. Don't apologize for feeling. Choose happiness first. Not success, fame, money or pride. Above all choose happiness and love."

But then again I still am "younger me" I am not a grown up. I have much growing yet to do. So maybe for now this can be "dear current me".

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