Thursday, June 9, 2011

If that's love it comes at much to high a cost

"She said I am sad I am angry at the past so frustrating."

"She's just looking for a place nobody ever can touch. Trying to find a way she can rise above."

I don't want to be touched. I feel like I'm reliving all the betrayals of trust tonight. Not just from one person, but in my life as a whole. I have none. I have no trust right now. I'm told trust and love are the same thing, or go hand in hand... Does that mean I have no love either? This is about me, feeling like I am lacking the ability to trust. I feel like its been taken from me. Little kids shouldn't feel like they cant trust anyone, so why did I feel that way? And why am I feeling it again. I feel like somethings wrong with me, like I'm the thing that's wrong in all the equations. I am sad. I am angry. At the past, so frustrating.

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