Saturday, June 11, 2011

All we can do is keep breathing, All I can do is keep breathing

I was pretty sad when I posted last, and to be truthful I was kinda upset that I let myself get that low and to post something so sad. I've been working hard to be positive and to only say and share positive things, and that post kinda threw off that whole idea. I feel like whatever energy I put out into the universe will multiply and come back to me, so thats why I've been working to share only positivity and light. "Light and love" is what I like to send out. Hoping I'll get it back soon. But I also get to feel what I feel and when needed express it. So I let myself feel that sadness because it was a real emotion that I was really feeling at the time, and then let it go away as easily as it came. And today i am feeling great!!
I had a fabulous night with a dear friend last night. It was so good to just be at ease with him and feel love and give love. I really believe he is incredible and have been so impressed with him lately. Also, he looked AMAZING! There's something about a man in a suit! Basically I just love him :)

Today has been rockin for me for these reasons:
Gypsy rehearsal
Killer Gym session - "killer" because I killed it! I sweat (sweated? We know I'm awful at spelling and grammar)  buckets
New shampoo
Turkey Sandwich
Yacht party tonight
Spending time with new friends and old friends
Connecting, being open, being honest... finally. Communicating.

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