Sunday, May 29, 2011

Who says, who says you're not worth it?

So I can now officially call myself a "model". I say thing only because a insanely beautiful woman/photographer asked me to be her model twice and called me such. So one of my dreams has officially come true. Maybe be a small dream, but hey who can say that at age 22 they have had several of their childhood dreams come true?! So thank you Amanda for making me feel beautiful and for making this happen! Woohoo!

Also shout out to Amber from Portland. Strange, but when I heard the words that have been in my head for months coming out of your mouth, they were like a ray of hope and truth. Thanks for the illumination. :) I wish I could have stayed in Portland just a little bit longer. It feels good there. But lucky me! I get to go back to Utah and start work again with my dancing girls and start on Gypsy!

Here are some of Amanda's wonderful pictures! :) She is so great, I think she is so talented and I can't think of anyone better to work with! You all need to check out her work. Click this => Amanda's blog and it'll take you to her blog which has all her info on it.

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  1. i hope our paths will cross next time you're back in the northwest. xo