Tuesday, April 12, 2011

So she dances in and out of the crowd

I teach dance at a studio in Centerville, and I've taught there for about 5 months now. I wish everyone could have the joy of teaching dance and teaching the girls I get to teach.

I'll be honest and say at first I was a little scared to teach girls under the age of 10. See I've never been that girl who is obsessed with babies, or who loves any and every child. I'm pretty sure I've never babysat anyone. I was always so busy growing up with dance or plays or whatever other activity I was into at the time that I didn't have any extra time to babysit for anyone. So its not like I didn't like kids... I just didn't love them for more than an hour. I would get flustered when they wouldn't be able to tell me what they wanted or needed. Basically I just wasn't sure how to relate to children and I didn't bother trying. Then when I got to college and some of my friends started having children I got really really scared of becoming one of them... that sounds awful I know. I know. But almost every one of them gave up on themselves totally and became centered around this pooping, crying ball of flesh. And I just didn't get it. How could you have a child and no longer want to sing and dance all day? How could the fire and passion they had for music, theater, art, painting just fizzle out and die?

Then I started teaching. And before I realized it I started to look forward to those hours I teach dance more than any other in my week. I wish I taught more classes just so I could be around these girls. They are so full of life. So willing to be anyones friend. To support their friends and siblings. I've "seen the light" I guess comcerning children. I now understand, to a degree, how someone could want this everyday all day. To spend every hour with these tiny people and devote a lifetime to raising them. I'm not saying I want a child right now. But I'm saying I get it. I think my approach to motherhood will be very different from a lot of my friends, and probably different than most people of my faith. But for the first time I feel like "When that time comes in my life I wont be scared. I wont feel like I'm giving anything up."Because I wont be. And I wont have to give anything up.

I just want to tell you a little about "my girls"

Nia - She is probably the sassiest girl I have ever met. While the other girls are going across the floor Nia is mouthing the words to Ushers "Somebody to Love" and making up her own music video dance. She does this everyday. In every class. She reminds me of me... not little me, but me now! And she always wants to show everyone her new tricks "watch me! does it go like this?" So happy, so willing to try something new.

Izzy - This girl can shake her booty all day long! I swear a lot of moves I use when I go out dancing with my friends I learned from her. She can drop it like its hot, pop it, you name it she can do it. And she is the sweetest out of my girls. Without fail I know every time I walk into class she will run up and give me a huge hug. She has the best laugh in the whole world! Anytime I look and her and say "good job! Keep doing that!" she smiles so big and giggles.

Keighly - She is the soft spoken one. Never says anything bad. When I compliment her she gets to shy and turns away. And when she talks its all about horses!!! She is a true cowgirl. She has the biggest eyes and the cutest freckles! And she is the one who helps me keep Nia and Izzy in line. All this makes it even more funny when during "free time" she yells "Lets to a runway!!!!" and then she struts her stuff down the middle of the class :)

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