Saturday, March 19, 2011

You smile I smile

Bri tagged me in her blog, so here I go!

The rules of blog tagging are:
1. You must share 15 interesting facts about yourself
2. You must tag 5 other people

1. I love wearing dresses. Cotton. Simple. Everyday.
2. I hate wearing jeans.
3. I grew up as a tomboy.
4. I love my puppy: Tito :)
5. I love driving. It gives me time to sing and think.
6. I am super short. 5'2.5/5'3 and I love it.
7. I adore Disneyland. I probably love it a little to much. It's real magic. Pure joy. Little kids laughing and pretty lights and fireworks and music everywhere.
8. I have three brothers and no sisters. They made me tough.
9. I love reading.
10. I love tattoos
11. I love mashed potatoes.
12. Half of my right thumb is numb from when my brother closed it in a car door. I had 10 stitches.
13. I love science. So much that forensic studies was almost my major in college. Musical theater won.
14. I am a passionate authentic loving woman.
15. I tell myself everyday that I am a beautiful inspiring worthy woman. That I am enough. That I am smart. That I am joyful. That I create joy. All in the hopes that I will be those things. I think it's working.

Tag 5 people:
1. Rachel Sales
2. Lindsea Garside
3. Ben Roeling
4. Sarah Long
5. Tasha Kunzler


  1. I love you for doing this! :)
    You are the greatest, and I miss you terribly!