Sunday, March 27, 2011

Wonderful wonderful day!

Thank the Lord for singing and dancing! What a difference a few hours plus a song and dance can do for the soul.

I just finished an audition for a major cruise line and it went SO WELL!! They had me sing several songs from "showroom at sea" their classical show and we talked about me going on the ship!! How awesome!!

The dance was crazy hard and fast! And I'm a pretty good dancer, in fact I always feel better about the dance audition mostly because I get to be sassy and fun and just let loose. I still have some insecurities about my vocal nods. Baby ones but still there :( and I did feel good about the dance but it was so fast I almost didn't have tome to through in some sassy flair! Have no fear I hair flipped all over :)

I feel so uplifted. I wish I could have an audition everyday!!

Happy day to all :)

Also John was on the wall at my audition. It was good to have one of my best friends with me ;)

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