Thursday, March 10, 2011

What if you should decide...?

Sometimes people are a lot. A LOT. But I'm doing this new thing called "allowing". I accept and realize that what they do has no control over me and I get to allow them to create their own experience of this life. So I allow them to live how they feel if right and I live how I feel is right. This is what I feel is right.
And I live these everyday. Some days I live them better than others. There are a few I never fail at though :)
-Do not lie. Ever.
-Keep your personal life personal
-Do not share secrets you've been told
-Assume the best of people
-Follow your heart
-Be joyful
-Work hard
-Be authentic
-Not only do not lie, but tell the truth
-Feel beautiful
-Do what you feel is right
-Create joy

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