Sunday, March 20, 2011

The light in the piazza, my love

Clara is one of my dream roles, she is the lead in the musical "The light in the piazza". I will play her one day. She sings this song, which is so beautiful on and off stage. Clara has a slight mental handicap so she doesn't fully understand the depth of her words "the light in the piazza, my love". It's beautiful to see her child like pure love.
This is my song of the moment. It fills every corner of my soul. I've been spending a lot of time with someone I love very much. Tonight was a moment when I saw the light, when I saw "my love".

I don't see a miracle shining from the sky
I'm no good at statues and stories
I try

That's not what I think about
That's not what I see
I know what the sunlight can be

The Light, the Light in the Piazza

Tiny sweet
And then it grows
And then it fills the air
Who knows what you call it?
I don't care
Out of somewhere I have something I have never had
And sad is happy, that's all I see
The Light in the Piazza
The Light in the Piazza

It's rushing up
It's pouring out
It's flying through the air
All through the air
Who knows what you call it?
But it's there
It is there
All I see is
All I want is tearing from inside
I see it
Now I see it everywhere
It's everywhere
It's everything and everywhere

The Light in the Piazza

My love

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