Wednesday, March 30, 2011

I can't remain Quiet

Today feels happy :) have you ever felt like you lost yourself for a bit and then you suddenly find yourself and feel like "oh there you are! I've been looking for you. Don't go away again." because that is how I feel. Life brings ups and downs and for about a week I lost myself in the downs. But now that I've gotten back to my routine of reading specific books, saying specific things, and focusing on being and doing the thing that makes me happy, I feel centered.

I've been on this kick of being on purpose. Doing things, being things on purpose. Having purpose for all I do. I feel like that keeps me out of a victim place. Because in reality, no one can make me feel anything, no one can force me to react a certain way. Every feeling I feel, thought I think and action I do all come from me. When I realized this it was a really gold feeling. Because If that's all true, I get to pick how I get to feel everyday. When I choose to act I choose power, I choose freedom from where I used to be; putting the responsibility of my happiness on someone else, or something else.

Side note of the day is this: I love my friends. They saw beauty in my heart when I didn't. They got me out of bed, fed me, and made me laugh when I didn't think I could smile. They've always remembered who it is that I can be and want to be and they assist me in picking to be that person. I am so grateful to God for putting such amazing people in my life. Especially people who can be honest with me.

Happy day to all :)


  1. I just have to say your blog make over is GORGEOUS, and so perfect for you and spring. LOVE IT.
    Can we go to Disneyland again? I think it needs to happen soon.

  2. Jessica. Thanks for sharing this. I think, sometimes that we tend to pigeon-hole ourselves into thinking that life ISN'T as beautiful as you and I perceive it. Really, ugliness is just an illusion. The only things that last are the feelings of joy we create and share with our loved ones. And the crappy days when life "lifes us", we'll gives clarity towards how brilliant we are, have been and will continue to grow to be. I love growing with my community of lovers who love love. hehehe. :o)

    Gotta agree with BriAnne, I'm diggin' the revamped theme too. ;)