Tuesday, December 14, 2010

This is real this is me, I'm exactly who I'm supposed to be

Just incase you didn't notice I've started to make every blog title the line of a song. Its going to be my "thing" so be excited... I wonder if anyone even reads my blog...

I have this insatiable need to have things that are mine. My apartment. My bed. My car. A day thats Mine.

Also to do things on my own.

In my performance and culture class several of us did a presentation about ourselves or about someone we had read about. I was the only one who picked to do the project on someone else... Everyone else had to just tell the class about themselves, while I had to do research on someone else and memorize a page of info on them.
And in my Media and Pop culture class we had to do a group project where we wrote a 12 page paper, made a website and gave a presentation. I picked to do this alone. I could have had a group but I did it all myself.

I caused myself a lot of extra work and stress because I wanted to do it myself and have "my" projects.

I'm not selfish. I'm actually good at sharing. The issue here was rather that it was to much effort for me to put myself on the line. To do a project with others would require me speaking to others, reaching out to them. I was to shy. And instead of talking about myself and who I am I picked to spend hours researching someone else.

What does that say about me? And do I like it?

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  1. Love that you used a Jonas Brothers and Demi Lovato song as the title :)
    You are great