Saturday, November 13, 2010


I wish I could sleep all day. Then I remember that I can't lay in bed more than ten minutes after I wake up.

I wish I had a TV. Then I think of the little free time I have being taken up by TV. Then I'm glad I don't have one... Still I'd like one for movies.

I'm happy that my mom and I worked out together today. I'm so proud of her. Sometimes I still struggle to go 20 min on the elliptical. She blew right by it.

I am a beautiful, inspiring powerful woman. I need to remember that more often.

I love my dog Tito. He is so affectionate and loving. Just what a little puppy ought to be.

I don't so much like the idea of becoming a nurse.... I might go into teaching... I kinda hate that I even just had that thought. Because I always grew up thinking "I'll never be a teacher. Sick." I've always just loathed the idea. Completely. Until I started teaching dance.

I love teaching dance. A lot.
I love teaching people about exercise. And Nutrition.

So maybe I'll teach those things... I'd like to start my own wellness company actually. Where I have a wellness center where dance classes are offered, nutrition classes, cooking classes, and exercise classes. And through this I could make programs for people to lead them to a healthier life.
I would love to have a partner in this wellness company. We'd need to speed some serious time. But I believe it would be very successful.
The catch is that my partner and I would need to be the prime example of wellness. Ya know, eating working out all that jazz. And I'm not quite there...

So this means its time to go to work. Once I'm there I will be in a place to start my company.

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