Saturday, October 23, 2010

Body Issues

Have always been big for me. And I can't promise that I am out of the woods yet but I discovered something cool today. Well it started last weekend when I staffed great life. Great life for me just makes me so much happier and more confident of who I am, and therefore more confident about my body.

Normally when I start to get down on myself about my body I think "Well Kim Kardashian and I have the same measurements except my hips and waist are both an inch or two inches smaller than hers and she is on everyones 'hot list' so I shouldn't feel bad." But this week I found myself just loving myself. In a good way. I took care of myself, was more aware of what I put into my body and was more confident. I didn't lose a single pound and I wasn't trying to. But tonight so many people said "you look great." or "it looks like you've been working out, you look awesome" or things to a similar effect.

It was amazing to see how when I loved myself it invited other people to as well. Or at least to notice my smoking hot body.

I feel like everyone should feel that way about themselves. Nope I'm not perfect. And yes I could have gone to the gym a few more times this week. But I love who I am, including my body. I wish everyone the same.

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