Friday, September 3, 2010

Glitter in the air

I have my very own apartment. It is going to be fabulous. As soon as I figure out how to decorate it. I was thinking something like this...
If I could have that purple and white rug I think I might die of pure joy and fabulousity. I'd add more purple pillows to the grey couch however. 

And I have turned my living room closet into my own personal closet. I just needed more space and refused to settle. That being said I plan on turning my bedroom closet into a study area. It already has built in shelves so I am going to put in a little desk and some lights in there and it will be perfect. 
I like living alone. The only down side is that I'm alone. 
It is scary. And fun. And grown up.

On a side note, I love going to the University of Utah. It is such a better fit than BYU was.
I love my classes.
I love the campus.
I love Salt Lake.

On Monday I start training for a half marathon. 
Pray for me.

I couldn't be more thrilled that there is a target opening a few blocks from my new apt in October.

I find that I am amused by the silliness of lots of people. 
We freak out way to often.

My boyfriend got me a puppy :) 
His name is Tito.
We love him.
He is a mini Australian Shepard.
Family pictures will soon be posted.

I wish I could buy all the organization things ever created. 
Maybe then I'd be organized.
Maybe not.
I literally don't know how to organize things. 

I love purple a lot.

I find joy in good music. I've been finding a lot of it lately.
I also feel anxiety when music is not playing. 
Therefore I have an iPod dock in every room. 
I think best when there is music.

I am going to sign up to be a staff member for Great life. 
No font size or capital letters could express my excitement.

I am officially having a girls night every week. 
I'd never actually spent a whole night with just girls until this summer, because normally I don't like girls. 
We are often full of drama and extra feelings.
Also I don't like touching people, and girls like to hug and stuff... I'm working on that.
I digress.
I have throughly enjoyed girls night this summer, so I will make an effort to continue it.
Tasha please understand that you will be joining. 

Also Tasha, our puppies need to have a play date.
As long as they'll place nice with the other kids. 

Happy day to you all :)