Friday, May 28, 2010

Guess what

I'm living in the city now and let me tell you... This is where I belong. I am a city girl! I live up the hill from the heart of Salt Lake City. I love where I live. I love my room mate. I love the city. Never again will I live in a small town. That is not for me. I feel so wonderful here. Everything seems better. I have moments when I drive around and think... I live here!!! I love the city. I love the city. I love the city.

Which brings me to my next thing. I have applied to the UofU. I am so in love with where I am that I can't imagine be stuck in Provo ever again. I was thinking and I thought "I hate being in Provo. I don't like BYU. I love the city. I hate what goes on behind closed doors at BYU. If I don't like where I go to school and the city its in... why do I go there? For a good Music dance theater program? Yeah its good. Ya I've learned so freaking much. And I wouldn't trade those years for anything. But its comfortable... easy. And I don't like it. I'm going to give myself the chance to grow and the chance to be uncomfortable. The chance to be me and not worry about it." So thats when I found the first computer I could and applied to transfer to the U of U. I am excited about it. I'm excited to have a fresh start. Excited to be around real people. Excited to be away from a place that was not good for me, and be in a place that is good for me. I prayed for like two hours about it. And only felt more excited after. It feels good. Lets hope they'll accept me so late!

Also... I have no internet at my house... which means I can't facebook or blog or hulu or anything internet wise. Its frustrating but also a good break for me.

and I'm in love... a lot. :)

K thats all for now!

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