Friday, May 28, 2010


Hahaha also... I received a very interesting call from a certain... code of honors... which had some pretty crazy things to say... and asked me some pretty crazy questions. Some were not so crazy, but I had to honestly laugh and a few questions I was asked. Oh goodness. It was all cleared up, thankfully. But it got me thinking a lot.

I was asked if I wanted to basically "tell on" anyone. And I was shocked. No. No I do not want to place myself on a holier than thou thrown and gossip about people behind there back, have them possibly kicked out of school for something that I don't even really know happened, and then make it impossible for anyone to find out that I said it. Thanks code of honor, but I think I wont gossip and I will not spread lies around. And if I have a problem with someone, I'll go talk to them. I'm not afraid, and I don't need to go behind backs. Thanks for the offer though.

Hahahaha Oh code of honor... and those who love it so.

Guess what

I'm living in the city now and let me tell you... This is where I belong. I am a city girl! I live up the hill from the heart of Salt Lake City. I love where I live. I love my room mate. I love the city. Never again will I live in a small town. That is not for me. I feel so wonderful here. Everything seems better. I have moments when I drive around and think... I live here!!! I love the city. I love the city. I love the city.

Which brings me to my next thing. I have applied to the UofU. I am so in love with where I am that I can't imagine be stuck in Provo ever again. I was thinking and I thought "I hate being in Provo. I don't like BYU. I love the city. I hate what goes on behind closed doors at BYU. If I don't like where I go to school and the city its in... why do I go there? For a good Music dance theater program? Yeah its good. Ya I've learned so freaking much. And I wouldn't trade those years for anything. But its comfortable... easy. And I don't like it. I'm going to give myself the chance to grow and the chance to be uncomfortable. The chance to be me and not worry about it." So thats when I found the first computer I could and applied to transfer to the U of U. I am excited about it. I'm excited to have a fresh start. Excited to be around real people. Excited to be away from a place that was not good for me, and be in a place that is good for me. I prayed for like two hours about it. And only felt more excited after. It feels good. Lets hope they'll accept me so late!

Also... I have no internet at my house... which means I can't facebook or blog or hulu or anything internet wise. Its frustrating but also a good break for me.

and I'm in love... a lot. :)

K thats all for now!

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

I miss Hawaii already. I wish I could move all the people I love there, and we could just live on the beach...or in the forest. Either one is great. I loved being there. And it was great to just wake up and say "today I want to snorkel." or "today I want to sit on the beach all day and read" and so I did. It was a much needed vacation.

I will live in Hawaii someday. I promise.

One thing not so great... I didn't run a single day there... its been almost two weeks since I have been running. Ugh. I'm starting again tomorrow though. I've gotta work my way back up. And I will!!!

I move to salt lake this week. I'm moving in with my friend Bronwyn, and I'm excited about it. We are both big on fitness and being healthy so it'll be great to live with someone who will push me to keep me on track and I can do the same for her.

I can tell that it's going to be a good summer.

Also, I just ate two fiber one bars and a fudgesicle and don't feel bad at all about it. :)