Sunday, April 18, 2010


This time of the month. Oh what fun experiences you bring.
I should be packing. But it stresses me out and I'm tired. So I'll make a list. Of things I love. Things I'm excited to start loving and things I look forward to.

Here we go.

Cherry blossom. I took this picture at my friends house. Thank you Zach :)
I am a dog lover. Especially mini huskies :)
Nights like this. Ya know the ones where you go to dennys till 2 am
then toilet paper houses for the first time, lay in the middle of the street
talk to the cops in said street at 4 am, hop fences and jump into pools
Those kind of nights.
Laughing like this. With people like her. 
  Playing your dream role.
Playing a role made for me...or so I like to think :) Come on she sings
"I feel pretty, oh so pretty" and "There's a place for us...somewhere, somehow, someday."
This boy.
Running. Actually running!
 JILLIAN MICHAELS. She inspired me to start p90x and insanity. AND to start making meal plans and workout plans for people. This pic also is for my love of exercise.

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  1. WHAT? You have a blog?!?! I never knew, but I'm very happy about it. I shall put you on my list of bloggy friends. Miss you.