Sunday, March 14, 2010

March 14th. Always a big day.

March 14th 2006 my close friend Nick Vining took his life. I can't believe that was four years ago. I was a jr in high school. I just can't believe that life kept going...even after Nick was gone. There aren't many people I still talk to from high school, but I talk to Nick. He was the funniest person I've ever met. Without fail he'd always ask me when I was breaking up with my boyfriend and coming back to him. Haha my first date was with Nick :) It couldn't have been cuter or sweeter. We went to my schools homecoming dance as Dorothy and the Tin man. And yes Nick I still have the heart necklace you gave me. I miss you Nick. Thinking about you still makes me smile. I love you.

And then Last year...

March 14th 2009. The day I never thought would come. Gray came back. I remember thinking I'd never be at the point where I could say "It was a year ago." I felt as though I'd never get out of it. But here I am. Saying "It was a year ago." Who would have guessed this last year would have been so crazy. But it was needed. And now its back as it should be. As we say, our hearts never left.

March 14th 2010. Life has never been better.

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