Tuesday, February 23, 2010

P90X vs. Insanity

P90X is this wonderful workout program that is all the latest craze. So my roomies and I decided to do it together to get ready for Sexy Swim Day. However, I go to the gym everyday. Every. Single. Day. I do not miss a day, even when I am sick. I do at least 25 min of cardio followed by weights. Legs one day, arms the next and so forth. And abs everyday. So I would spend at least an hour and a half at the gym. P90X is only an hour a day, and I wasn't really seeing the results I wanted. In fact I felt like I was in better shape and pushing myself more when I was doing my own workout plan.

SO my roommate Holly came to me and said she felt similar and wanted to try INSANITY. Insanity is a 60 day program that is made by the same people who made P90X only its a lot harder. (clearly...I mean its called Insanity people.) So we bought it and I did the first video today, and it was perfect. Just hard enough to make me sweat, but not so much that I wanted to die. After day 60 there are going to be pictures posted here, so be looking out for them!

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