Sunday, February 7, 2010


I love mushrooms. I love them raw. I love the way they taste. I love them sauteed in "I can't believe its not butter" zero calorie spray. I love mushrooms for the added bonus that they are only 15 calories per cup.

I love gum. Mint gum and fruit gum. I love love love love love gum.

I love the gospel. My heart exploded in church today. Because it felt so much love and truth. Oh how I love the gospel.

I love music. It transforms me everyday. It is in everything I do. Adagio for strings is perhaps the most beautifully moving piece of music ever written for strings. Music is a spiritual experience in my life.

I love soy milk. I love it heated up in a special glass. And even more when I add three tablespoons of sugar free hazelnut syrup to it. Its like comfort in a cup. Each night I have some just before bed. It is perfection. PERFECTION.

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