Sunday, February 7, 2010

Mi Madre and discoveries

Great life invited us to invite someone special to come join us for an activity on Sat. So I asked my mom if she would join me. And to my surprise she said yes! I've been asking her for about four months to get involved with great life in some way, and I was thrilled. Not just because she was coming to great life for something, but because I had asked her honestly because I wanted to be with her and do something special. I came from my heart which I haven't allowed myself to do in a while, and its funny how when you come from your heart people can tell and respond accordingly.

We went and had the chance to serve others. We prepared twelve hearty meals and took them to the homeless who were on the street outside of the homeless shelter. It was amazing to talk to the people there and to connect with them. We even had some toilet paper in the car and people asked for it. It broke my heart. But the love and thankfulness I felt coming from those people was amazing. And it was so wonderful to see my mom in action. That was probably the best part. I am so thrilled with how I spent my time this weekend. I can't wait till she and I do it again. We have plans to do it at least once a month.

My heart is full. And even better, my heart is open.

I've learned that I can be open, I can be authentic, caring, deep, passionate. Correction, that I AM those things. I AM EVERYTHING. Anything I chose I am. I AM.

I used to think it was shallow for me to like to dress well or look nice, it was shallow to care about those things. But its not. I am not shallow. For so long that was my deepest fear. That peoples views of me being just pretty and talented, and shallow, would be true. That I'd look in the mirror one day and just be this plastic girl. But I'm not. I am deep. I am compassionate. I honestly care about others and act on it. I am not just the pretty talented girl. I'm the girl that without broadcasting it to the world helps with the special Olympics, recycles, donates money, helps others, talks to those who need a friend, listens. And I'm also talented and I'm also pretty. I don't have to pick between being a granola, do good person and the girl who likes to look good. I don't have to pick because I'm both. I am more that that. But this has been a huge thing for me. I don't need to hide the deep, compassionate side of who I am anymore. I don't know if others with think its fake, but I don't care. Its been there all along, I'm just letting it show as much as the rest of me now.

We all are. We just are. I am. You are. Just be. Just love. Thats all there is.

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  1. I'm totally a baby but this gave me teary eyes. I don't think I've met anyone LESS shallow than you. You are younger than me but I look up to you in so many ways. You really are an amazing person and I truly love you so much. Thanks for being in my life. :)