Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Whoa whoa whoa.

So on this wonderful Tuesday afternoon I am reflecting on how thankful I am for life. I normally hate all this corny "I'm thankful for air, trials, love" crap. Because its just ugh, I don't know, not me. But I'm sitting here, doing some school work, my window is open, the sun is pouring in onto my wonderful laptop(one of the things I'm in love with today and thankful for) and I can't help but say I'm thankful for air, trials, love! Among other things.

I'm moving to LA at the end of this summer. Exciting? Yes! Scary? Yes! But I can't wait. And how did I luck out with the best mother in the world who actually says "I'm so excited for you to move to LA, you're going to have so much fun!" How many kids would die just to hear their parents say that to them. And here I have a mother who is giving me advice on what city would be best to live in, how far away said city is, and who is supporting me in making choices.

A few friends and I are moving together. Thats another thing I'm thankful for. Having great friends, who believe in themselves and me enough to take a leap of faith.

I'm thankful that I have been given everything I have needed or wanted for that matter. I couldn't think of anything I haven't been able to do or given the opportunity do to. Thankfully heavenly father blessed me with a father who could pay for a great college (among other things) a mother who supports me and encourages me, a grandmother who is literally an angel and people/friends that have challenged me to be better and work harder.

Life isn't perfect but it isn't supposed to maybe it is perfect... Its perfect for me.

Things are happening, changing, growing and I couldn't be more thrilled.

I'M DOING HOMEWORK!!! hahahaha and that never ever happens. Yet here I am. I turned off the TV, did the work and now I am finished.

So yes I am thankful for the air, trials, love. But I'm also thankful for The Bachelor with my mom, only eating apples, honeycrisp apples, calorie free salad dressing, endless fashion mags, random dance parties held in my kitchen and living room, best friends, vision boards, celery, windows, pillows, chicken, harmons, a christmas tree that isn't a christmas tree ;), leggings, bobby pins, handmade quilts, movies, sun, learning, dance, music.

The list could go on forever, but I'll stop.

I used to describe myself as "dark and twisty". I wasn't mean, but most def had a sinister view on the world. I've turned into one of those "bright and shiny" people. Not to an annoying point, but none the less I don't see the future as full of horrible things that could happen. A future that I go into knowing that it'll be hard and painful. Now I see the future as something with endless happy possibilities. A trillion positive things that I can create. Which makes me excited to start creating them.

Have a happy day :)

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