Saturday, December 19, 2009


I have this friend. Named Zach.
He is always making me take a look at myself. Seeing what I could be doing better. He always helps me too. He'll remind me why I'm doing something... why I gave something up. All I have to do it text or call him and say "Remind me why I'm doing this." or "Tell me its all going to work out."

We make these pacts with each other, to keep each other on the right path. And it works well because we are accountable to someone other than just ourselves.

Even when he is having a bad day, the worst day, he makes me smile. He makes me feel happy. Just by being around him. I can't help but say "Oh my gosh Zach I love you so much!" Over and over when we are together.

And just when I thought I had people at BYU pegged, he came along and changed my whole view. By following his example I find my faults, acknowledge that they are there, and then try and fix them because I know they are wrong. Even if its my human nature, if its just "who I am", I can see the things that are wrong and I work on changing them. I love that he isn't perfect, but instead of making excuses like most, he admits he knows better and asks for help. What a great example for me.

He is one in a million. I can't say enough good things about him. I'm grateful God put him in my life. I've said for a while that I needed a good friend who gets it, who is my age, who is at BYU with me, who I can text at any hour of the day or night; and here is such a friend. :)

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