Sunday, October 11, 2009

Great Life

For the past four days I have been a part of this amazing training. Its called Great Life. Its run out of Salt Lake City, and I heard about it from my best friend Pj Schwartz. His mom, dad and older brother had all done all three parts of Great Life. They all said their lives had been changed so much, for the better. And we could all see such a huge difference in them. So Pj, Gretchen, Holly, Ben and I all decided that it was something we wanted to be a part of. At first I wasn't really sure if I believed it would be that life changing. But now that its over, I can honestly say that I don't remember feeling this free from baggage or powerful in my whole life. I feel ready to live in my life now, ready to accept and own my power. I had the chance to let go of all the baggage I have been holding on to, I have let go of limiting beliefs that I had about myself and about life. There are three parts, I have just been to the first one, but I can't wait to go to the second session. I'm now just finding ways to raise the money to do it. But it will happen.
I am living a great life.

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